Behind the Lens - Wanderlust Adventure Images

What is wanderlust?  It is an irresistible desire to travel and explore.  Whether it is to climb a mountain peak, discover the hidden treasures within a deep forest, feel the wind off of a massive waterfall, or whatever your desire is, wanderlust is in us all.  My goal is to ignite your wanderlust with my images and inspire you to explore.  Adventure is out there.  Let's go find it!

I'm Karen and I have been shooting landscape photography for over fifteen years.  My passion for it started as a child, admiring the works of Ansel Adams and wishing I could see the places he did.  Fast forward to turning 18 and I was off like a kite in the wind, exploring every nook and cranny of Yosemite National Park and the surrounding Sierra.  Years upon years of hiking, backpacking, volunteering and photographing in my beloved Sierra has created an indescribable bond between me and these amazing mountains.  I hope you enjoy the images I bring back.  I hope they bring you inspiration.  Want to visit these places?  Have questions?  Contact me!  I would love to help you start your own adventure!

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